Commercial Establishments

Have you ensured compliance with all Labour Laws for your company? There are more than 15 Labour related acts a company has to comply with, most of them on a periodic basis. Many of these acts make the CEO, Director or the Head of the establishment directly accountable for non-compliance.

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Keeping pace with the complex and ever changing Labour Laws could be a daunting task. At Bizprout, we specialize in Labour Laws across all the states in India and our experts will ensure you are always at the right end of the law. Our Labour Law Compliance Dashboard is an industry leading SaaS solution which gives you timely alerts, notifications and status of all your compliance requirements.

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  • Audit and Risk Assessment under various Labour Laws
  • Maintaining Registers, filing returns under all applicable Labour Laws
  • Recurring Audit and Risk Assessment
  • Labour Laws Compliance Calendar
  • Updates on changes in Labour Laws
  • Pan India Coverage