Bizprout specializes in Payroll, Accounting, Labour Law Compliance services and offers customized Tally solutions, Accounting Process Improvement solutions and Governance Risk and Compliance Management


Powered by cloud tool, processing  diverse Payroll requirements can be a breeze now


Effortlessly deal with key finance functions and be confident that your system adheres to GAAP


Hassle-free, compliant business setup in India adhering to regulations


Assisting business with Compliance requirements

Tally Solutions

Now all your accounting and compliance requirements can be solved with a single, all powerful software.

Accounting Process Improvement

If you are growing, we help your finance department to keep pace. Our consultants can help you optimize your finance activities

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Payroll Accounting Consulting and Compliance (PACC)

We are your trusted partner in business process ensuring your Payroll is on time, your Accounts accurate and your company Compliant


Monthly Payroll Management Powered by Cloud Tool  and  Mobile App


Book Keeping, manage Receivables & Payables, preparing Monthly Financial Statements


Startup Advisory, M&A, Financial Due Diligence, helping Foreign Companies set up in India


Incorporation & Registration, Recurring Compliance, E-filing of Regulatory Documentation

Labour Law Compliance

We help you navigate the complex world of Labour Law Compliance throughout India

Commercial Establishment

Have you ensured compliance with all Labour Laws for your company? There are more than 15 Labour related Statutes a company has to comply with, most of them on a periodic basis.


Have you ensured compliance with the Factories Act, 1948? If you are a Manufacturing Unit with 10 or more workers or employees, you are required to comply with a set of labour friendly rules and regulations.


If you have 20 or more people working in your organization as contract employees, you will automatically come under the purview of the  Contract Labour (Regulation and Abolition) Act, 1970.


Gathering regulatory requirement for domestic and foreign businesses and managing approval processes


Bizprout GRC practice helps you adopt industry leading workflow to automate your audit and risk compliance.


Bizprout Analytics helps you uncover risk potentials and anomalies in your business transactions.


Bizprout experts help organizations manage risk and maintain a solid reputation globally through corporate training and advisory



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