PACC-eDocs is a Web based Document Management System (DMS) solution for capturing, managing, delivering and archiving large volumes of documents and content.

Key Features

  • Unified repository for all documents across the organization including electronic files, paper images and physical documents
  • Comprehensive document Scanning, Indexing and Storage
  • Specific rights at document level for sharing
  • Tagging multiple documents for processing
  • Full text, Index and Attributes search
  • Annotations on Image and Electronic documents
  • Customizable workflow for efficient document processing
  • Barcode enabled
  • Archival on CD
  • Backup & Restore


Customer Care

Immediate access to all documents, anytime, anywhere. Lower turnaround time for addressing queries and retrieving documents.

Process Automation

From paper to electronic management and flow of document for streamlining and automating key paper based processes like Accounting, Vendor/Distributor invoice management, purchase process management, Financial services

Quality Improvement

  • Delivery of the right document at the right time
  • Tag Multiple documents for processing
  • Enable faster decisions as people at different locations can be reviewing the same document at the same time
  • Preserve document status over time

Better Security

Cloud based secure server: Authorized people can access specified documents for specific tasks; Preserve document status over time.